The Functional Genomics Facility is located at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora.


Please include your affiliation on your order form! If you do not note your affiliation in the appropriate box on the form, you will not receive the discounted price.


Include the entire clone ID when ordering to ensure that you receive the proper clone. For shRNAs, the TRC# must be fully typed out as "TRCN##########" (10 digits). Clone IDs for ORFs must be typed out as "ccsbBroad304_#####". If you need assistance in looking up any clone IDs, please refer to the Resources page


If you are ordering from Boulder (or anywhere else off-site), we will automatically ship your order to the address you provide. This service costs an additional $65 (due to the dry ice contained in our shipments). We use 5 lbs. of dry ice, and reuse boxes (Sigma, IDT, etc., ~ 11"x10"x9"). If you would rather pick up your order from us instead of having it shipped, please send an e-mail to stating this, with the subject title: FGF Web Order (your name).

We will hold your order until you are able to come pick it up.


If you are ordering from the Anschutz Medical Campus, we will e-mail you when your order is ready so that you may come pick it up.


To access the Order Form, please click the button below.


Regarding Lentiviral Orders: We process all lentiviral orders on Monday, and it takes 5 days to make the supernatant. Lentiviral orders are thus completed on Friday. If lentivirus is ordered after 2pm on Monday, the lentivirus will not be started until the following Monday, unless otherwise noted on the homepage (Holidays, etc.).

The FGF website is undergoing platform updates. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this process.