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Our immediate goal is to promote scientific research through the use of Functional Genomics in Colorado.


Our ultimate goal is to catalyze discoveries that will positively impact the quality of human life.

The Functional Genomics Facility is a non-profit service center funded by the University of Colorado Cancer Center (UCCC).

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We are proud to share peer-reviewed studies supported by our Facility.



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The Facility is directed by Dr. JoaquĆ­n M. Espinosa and managed by Dr. Molishree Joshi. Dr. Kelly Sullivan is our co-founder and scientific consultant. Mr. Colin Sempeck is the professional research assistant.

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Christopher Porter, MD

"We used the Functional Genomics Shared Resource for an shRNA collection in performing functional genetic screening. The key benefits of this Shared Resource, to us and to anyone across the University of Colorado, are low cost and flexibility."