shRNA - MISSION TRC1, 1.5, & 2

The Functional Genomics Facility maintains multiple arrayed libraries of genome-wide shRNA plasmids to knock down expression of genes in human and mouse cells. We also provide technical support to University of Colorado scientists who wish to perform "loss-of-function" experiments to identify target genes and/or dissect the role of genes / signaling patways in various disease models. Furthermore, we provide assistance with designing and executing genome-wide shRNA screens.

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Custom Pools, Pathway-focused Panels, & Complete Libraries


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Genome-Wide shRNA Libraries

Human Libraries


Human (as plasmid)# Clones
Human TRC 1/1.598,593
Human TRC 268,486
Human TRC 1/1.5/2164,073

Mouse Libraries


Mouse (as plasmid)# Clones
Mouse TRC 1/1.578,145
Mouse TRC 260,229
Mouse TRC 1/1.5/2138,374

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